Wiki as a Hub

Medical education has witnessed an explosion in online medical content thanks to many prominent educators using blogs to publish great material.  Bringing the content to mainstream resident education has also been helped by many publications (Thoma et al. 2014 and Scott 2014).  As blogs, podcasts, ebooks, and video content continues to grow, the wiki occupies a central core to the solidification of online medical education.wikihub

The wiki allows for an infinite number of editors to work on a single page related to a specific topic.  Most importantly, the wiki content lives on and continues to evolve even after an individual author’s writing. Clinicians with specific knowledge can contribute a small pearl or an entire deep dive depending on their time commitments and interests.  A wiki page, as a centralRead more

Two is One, One is None

With such fantastic medical educational content being produced on the web everyday, the EM community may have been lulled into a sense of  internet permanence.  For example, I’m sure many of us have said or heard others say:

“Just back it up online”. “Just search for it on Twitter”.  “Google owns Blogger, it isn’t going anywhere”.  “The wordpress blog won’t crash”.  “I can always redownload the podcasts I heard last year.  “I’ll just repost everything if it gets deleted”. “I’ll google the show notes later as a reference”.  “I have everything on Dropbox and Evernote”.

At the end of the day, just as everything offline is transient, everything online is especially… Read more