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The WikEM Editors

Editor in Chief
Ross Donaldson, MD, MPH, CTropMed, FACEP

Deputy Editor
Daniel G. Ostermayer, MD

Senior Editor
Claire Lewis, MD
Michael Holtz, MD
Neil M. Young, MD

Senior Associate Editor
Kevin Lu, MD… Read more

New algorithm app!

You may have noticed algorithm diagrams supplementing various topics on WikEM. They’re part of the WikEM Algorithm Project, a continuing partnership with ddxof.com (differential diagnosis of). The WikEM algorithms are developed to serve as rapid emergency department references for differential diagnosis generation, clinical decision rule application, and critical management steps. They also serve as convenient teaching tools for educators.

You can now freely access all of the over 100 algorithms on your mobile device with the ddxof app. Download it today on the App Store and Google Play.Read more

Check out the new pediatric EM website, PEM Source

PEMsource is a pediatric emergency medicine resource site curated by the faculty and fellows of the Harbor-UCLA Medical Center pediatric emergency medicine fellowship. It has quick links to a range of tools (e.g. BiliTool), FOAM posts, key pediatric algorithms, evidence based reviews, sample ECGs, images, and more. Check it out before you see your next pediatric patient!… Read more

Check out ddxof.com

Have you ever wondered where WikEM get’s all of its awesome algorithm diagrams? They’re from ddxof (differential diagnosis of), our newest WikEM social media partner. Ddxof contains a compilation of cases based on real patients, each inspiring a systematic approach to the evaluation and management of their chief complaint or diagnosis. The format is centered around the development of simplified algorithms targeted to emergency physicians, with a focus on intelligibility, utility and reproducibility. The new ddxof: algorithm browser also allows for quick searching and filtering by categories/tags among the 60+ and growing algorithms and diagrams. Check it out!
Read more

Seeking emergency physicians for the Houston area

EmCare® is seeking emergency medicine physicians for several sites in and around Houston. Come join the country’s most experienced, physician-led practice management company.

Known for its unique structure, EmCare® develops local practices, supports them with regionally-located clinical leadership and operational personnel, while providing them access to unprecedented national resources.

Contact Stacey Harris, EmCare® physician recruiter, at (214) 712-2477 or Stacey.harris@emcare.com


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Want to see patients when you are outside of your home facility, but worried about the malpractice risk? Push Health now has the perfect solution: per service medical malpractice insurance. If you qualify and become an affiliate, your patients pay a $5 fee at the time of services and you are covered with standard malpractice insurance when using Push Health’s mobile and internet software. It is that simple.

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Make money editing emergency medicine review questions!

WikEM is currently collaborating with Osmosis, a medical education company funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to create a large bank of medical education questions under an open Creative Commons license. Working with medical students, Osmosis has produced around 650 emergency medicine questions so far. They are now seeking EM residents and attendings to double-check their work and make revisions where necessary. Osmosis is paying EM residents/attendings $1 per question reviewed (marked ready to be published) and $5 for any question that needs to be extensively revised or rewritten, as well as making a donation to WikEM for helping with this process.

If you are interested in helping revise the question pack and making some extra money, fill out the form at: Application Form. Osmosis… Read more

Thanks to all of the WikEM Editors!

Thanks to all of our current WikEM Editors!  Did you know you can join us?  Please consider joining our contributor community and become a WikEM editor through our open and transparent promotion process.

Editor in Chief
Ross Donaldson, MD, MPH, CTropMed, FACEP

Deputy Editor
Daniel G. Ostermayer, MD

Associate Editor
Neil M. Young, MD

Senior Assistant Editor
Aaron Snyder, MD
Marissa Camilon, MD
Michael Holtz, MD

Assistant Editor
Babak Missaghi, MD
Bobak Zonnoor, MD
Joel Miller, MD
Jonathan Osgood, DO
Kenn Ghaffarian, DO
Kevin Lu, MD
Manuel Celedon, MD… Read more