Boilerplate Templates

If you search for a page on WikEM and don’t find it, you can always create a new one by clicking on the red link at the top of the search results

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The boilerplate templates will have preset headings to ensure consistency across article creation.  They also will prevent you from having to remember all the necessary components to create a great page.   However, feel free to modify or delete sections not pertinent to the page.

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Recently a fantastic online resource for journal review, brought to our attention that content from their journal club had been copied onto WikEM Journal Club.  We support open access to content but more importantly believe in protecting copyright and attributing authorship.   We have removed content that was in violation of their copyright and we will begin drafting copyright terms for our site which until this point have not existed.

If copyrighted content is replicated on WikEM permission must be obtained in writing from the original source.  If you are summarizing preexisting content it must be sufficiently different from original source.

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Journal Club

In the spirit of FOAMed, we introduce WikEM Journal Club.  Anyone worldwide can contribute, and each article review will build a list of must read articles for residents and practicing physicians. The best part, all journal club reviews are available offline using the WikEM mobile app.

To strengthen learning, we have a series of Dr. Amy Kaji’s review questions that can be added to the end of any journal review. (ie  TTM) or you can write your own question using this example.… Read more

Reading Club: Week 3

Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine (7th Edition)


Chapter 290: Child Abuse and Neglect

Chapter 291: Female and Male Sexual Assault

Chapter 292: Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse

Chapter 293: Abuse of the Elderly and Impaired

Pages 1975 – 1990

WikEM articles:

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