Recently a fantastic online resource for journal review, brought to our attention that content from their journal club had been copied onto WikEM Journal Club.  We support open access to content but more importantly believe in protecting copyright and attributing authorship.   We have removed content that was in violation of their copyright and we will begin drafting copyright terms for our site which until this point have not existed.

If copyrighted content is replicated on WikEM permission must be obtained in writing from the original source.  If you are summarizing preexisting content it must be sufficiently different from original source.

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Journal Club

In the spirit of FOAMed, we introduce WikEM Journal Club.  Anyone worldwide can contribute, and each article review will build a list of must read articles for residents and practicing physicians. The best part, all journal club reviews are available offline using the WikEM mobile app.

To strengthen learning, we have a series of Dr. Amy Kaji’s review questions that can be added to the end of any journal review. (ie  TTM) or you can write your own question using this example.… Read more

Reading Club: Week 3

Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine (7th Edition)


Chapter 290: Child Abuse and Neglect

Chapter 291: Female and Male Sexual Assault

Chapter 292: Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse

Chapter 293: Abuse of the Elderly and Impaired

Pages 1975 – 1990

WikEM articles:

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Reading Club: Week 2

Reading Selection

Chapter 100: Abdominal and Pelvic Pain in the Nonpregnant Female

Pages 672 – 676 (Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine, 7th Edition)

Key Points and Pearls

  • The bimanual exam is of limited value given its lack of accuracy and reproducibility for complaints such as CMT, adnexal tenderness or masses
  • Ovarian cysts may cause pain when they rupture, precipitate ovarian torsion, or become large enough to cause pressure on adjacent structures
  • Hormonal contraception is used to prevent cysts from forming (rather than to treat persistent functional cysts)
  • Risk factors for torsion include ovarian cysts, tumors, pregnancy, and chemical induction of ovulation
  • PID treatment includes ceftriaxone 250mg IM x 1 + doxycycline 100mg PO BID x 14 days + metronidazole 500mg PO BID x
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Reading Club: Week 1

Reading Selection

Chapter 39: Pain Management in Infants and Children

Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine (7th Edition) pages 265 – 270


Key Points and Pearls

  • Pediatric procedures should be performed with pharmacological and nonpharmacological adjuncts to minimize pain (analgesia), decrease anxiety (anxiolysis), and provide sedation.
  • Fasting status has no correlation with aspiration. Preprocedural fasting is not required and only prevents a theoretical risk of aspiration, though no evidence supports this risk.

Add your notes to Pain Management in Infants and Children wiki page… Read more

Board Review Questions

Our goal at WikEM is to provide physicians with bedside information and continuing medical education resources.  As we continue to expand the information on the site, we are pleased to to announce the addition of board review questions.

Amy Kaji MD PhD, faculty at Harbor-UCLA, has created an extraordinary set of Emergency Medicine review questions. These questions will live on WikEM with eventual incorporation into articles and CME modules.

The questions are not yet formatted for the wiki and we need all users help to integrate them into the site.

Please help format the questions for wiki quiz format and advance your own medical education!

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Authorship Credits and Scores

We believe that everyone should get credit for their hard work creating and editing articles on WikEM.  This is why we have implemented Author Credits at the bottom of each article.  You can see authorship credits in action by visiting our review of the SOAP II trial.  Your credits name will use the signature you indicated on your preferences page.

To better surface our top authors we have created a Contribution Score with rankings.  The scores are a composite of unique and edited articles and will be used for promoting top authors to our editorial roles.… Read more


wikem redesign

We are pleased to announce the new front page redesign.  The most important features are the  New Articles and News sections.   Featured links are prominent along the top bar.  We encourage everyone to signup for our monthly newsletter where we will highlight the best articles of the month and give updates in the WikEM organization.

We are also actively recruiting Resident Editors and Mobile Developers.… Read more

Global Emergency Medicine Curriculum Project

WikEM is happy to be hosting the new Global Emergency Medicine Curriculum Project, spearheaded by Dr. Joe Lex.

This exciting project hopes to become the go-to place for global emergency medicine curriculum development by cataloging on-line emergency medicine educational materials. Take a look at the Global Emergency Medicine Curriculum Project portal and talk page for more information.… Read more


We are finally introducing a newsletter to keep everyone in the community up to date with news and feature announcements.  You can sign up for the mailing here.  We will never spam you, only send an email once a month, and never distribute or sell your email.

The newsletter will serve as a means of organizing the community and keeping everyone up to date with developments on WikEM!
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