Top 10 Reasons to Share your Knowledge by Editing WikEM

WikEM isn’t just the premier emergency medicine bedside reference, it’s also a wiki, meaning that our users collaborate to provide our content.  Have you really not made an edit yet?  Here are some reasons you should:

  1. It’s fun!
  2. It’s educational.
  3. It will make you a better clinician.
  4. It’s social.  Interact with the new cohort of intelligent #FOAMed clinicians, who are making medical education free and openly available on the web.
  5. You are helping providers around the world have access to free and current medical information. (Why donate outdated textbooks when you can put content online for free download?)
  6. It gives you something to do on those late night shifts, instead of making inflatable turkey’s with disposable gloves (which are pediatric choking
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