Welcome to the new WikEM blog

WikEM is excited to announce the launch of its new blog to keep emergency medicine practitioners updated about WikEM current activities.

For those of you not familiar with its history, WikEM, The Global Emergency Medicine Wiki is a global community of medical practitioners that via wiki-software features continually updated emergency medicine information. Its popular point-of-care phone application, which is a rapid reference for key emergency medicine content, has been downloaded by tens-of-thousands of users worldwide. WikEM is intended for clinicians only and not directly for patients.

WikEM first started as a series of notes that were hand passed (and then “beamed” on PDAs) from resident to resident at the Harbor-UCLA Emergency Medicine Residency Program.  This was the key information that residents learning emergency medicine wanted at their fingertips during important moments in their clinical shifts.

Eventually, this information was collected by an EM faculty member (Ross Donaldson) and then-medical student (Sabin Dang) into one wiki site, where a whole community of emergency practitioners could continue to update and improve its content.  WikEM also developed innovative smart phone application software that allowed practitioners to make sure they had access to the content at all times (on their Blackberry’s, iPhones, and Android phones), even if they did not have immediate access to the internet.

Now, everyone around the world is able to view WikEM on the web and smart phones (as long as they agree to our disclaimer page).   And, WikEM invites medical physicians (senior medical students, residents, and attendings) to create an account on WikEM to keep improving its content.  The more people contributing, the better the site.  Please join us in making modern emergency knowledge free and easily accessible to practitioners around the world.

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