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Ever wonder who puts all the great content in WikEM and keeps it up to date? Well, you do! WikEM is a wiki, open to medical providers around the world. Join our contributor community and help ensure this fantastic open-access resource has the most accurate and recent information ready at your fingertips. While you’re at it, you can additionally be recognized as a WikEM editor through our open and transparent promotion process. Join us!

The WikEM Editors

Editor in Chief
Ross Donaldson, MD, MPH, CTropMed, FACEP

Deputy Editor
Daniel G. Ostermayer, MD

Senior Editor
Claire Lewis, MD
Michael Holtz, MD
Neil M. Young, MD

Senior Associate Editor
Kevin Lu, MD

Associate Editor
Daniel Eggeman MD
Michael O’Brien, MD, FAAEM

Senior Assistant Editor
Bobak Zonnoor, MD
Jonathan Osgood, DO
Lisa Yee, MD
Tom Fadial, MD

Assistant Editor
Abdus Salam Khan, MD, FACP
Adam Haag, MD
Ann Huang, MD
Ben Isakson, MD
Dac Teoli, MD
Jesse Gentiluomo, MD
Jonathan Warren
Joe Carpenter, MD
Matin Shah, MD
Melody Ong, MD, MPH(C)
Ted Fan, MD
Tianjiang Ye, MD
Thomas F. Heston, MD, FAAFP, FASNC, FACNM

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