Get credit for resident reading electives and asynchronous learning activities, while supporting open access medicine!

Are you a resident who would like to get credit for time spent editing WikEM or a faculty member looking for a free and easy way to document reading elective and/or asynchronous learning activities?  Support open access medicine!  Use the WikEM elective and asynchronous learning platform, supported by the non-profit OpenEM Foundation.
Contributions to WikEM benefit medical practitioners around the globe, while being immediately available to the contributor, their fellow residents, and their residency program via the WikEM website and its native mobile applications.
Many EM residency programs offer reading electives and/or asynchronous learning  (i.e. “individualized interactive instruction”). However, these activities can be difficult to monitor, leading to numerous problems in documentation and performance. The Harbor-UCLA and UT Southwestern/Parkland Hospital EM residency programs have been using WikEM for several years to better supervise their residents during these activities and now other programs can too.
See for more information.  WikEM software automatically tracks resident activity and generates a “Contribution Score” for each resident, making it easy to tell if and when they have been active.  Additional leadership opportunities are also available to both residents and faculty.  Help support the open access medicine movement!

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