Dr. Ross Donaldson, creator of WikEM Interviewed on Osmosis

Osmosis.org has a new interview with the Creator and Editor-in-Chief of WikEM, as part their Leaders in Medical Education series.  Read some of the history behind how WikEM started.

“If anything should be free and open in this world, then certainly the knowledge to care for your fellow human during an emergency has to be on the top of that list.”  -Ross Donaldson, MD, MPH

Over the last six years, we have gone from having just a few people accessing the site per day to tens of thousands of sessions per month with over 100,000 downloads of the app to date.  WikEM is now the most popular emergency medicine-specific application in the world and is open to all medical providers (including medical students) across the globe to help edit, as a key open access resource.  We can now take that life-saving knowledge off the pedestal and put it for free into the countless hands of providers working at bedsides around the globe.

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