Seeking emergency physicians for the Houston area

EmCare® is seeking emergency medicine physicians for several sites in and around Houston. Come join the country’s most experienced, physician-led practice management company.

Known for its unique structure, EmCare® develops local practices, supports them with regionally-located clinical leadership and operational personnel, while providing them access to unprecedented national resources.

Contact Stacey Harris, EmCare® physician recruiter, at (214) 712-2477 or


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Push Health’s low cost concierge software now has affordable per service malpractice insurance

Want to see patients when you are outside of your home facility, but worried about the malpractice risk? Push Health now has the perfect solution: per service medical malpractice insurance. If you qualify and become an affiliate, your patients pay a $5 fee at the time of services and you are covered with standard malpractice insurance when using Push Health’s mobile and internet software. It is that simple.

Now, you can invoice, message, keep medical records, and order laboratory tests for your concierge patients, friends, and family, all while being covered by medical malpractice insurance. Build your own practice with Push Health!

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Make money editing emergency medicine review questions!

WikEM is currently collaborating with Osmosis, a medical education company funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to create a large bank of medical education questions under an open Creative Commons license. Working with medical students, Osmosis has produced around 650 emergency medicine questions so far. They are now seeking EM residents and attendings to double-check their work and make revisions where necessary. Osmosis is paying EM residents/attendings $1 per question reviewed (marked ready to be published) and $5 for any question that needs to be extensively revised or rewritten, as well as making a donation to WikEM for helping with this process.

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Thanks to all of the WikEM Editors!

Thanks to all of our current WikEM Editors!  Did you know you can join us?  Please consider joining our contributor community and become a WikEM editor through our open and transparent promotion process.

Editor in Chief
Ross Donaldson, MD, MPH, CTropMed, FACEP

Deputy Editor
Daniel G. Ostermayer, MD

Associate Editor
Neil M. Young, MD

Senior Assistant Editor
Aaron Snyder, MD
Marissa Camilon, MD
Michael Holtz, MD

Assistant Editor
Babak Missaghi, MD
Bobak Zonnoor, MD
Joel Miller, MD
Jonathan Osgood, DO
Kenn Ghaffarian, DO
Kevin Lu, MD
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Dr. Ross Donaldson, creator of WikEM Interviewed on Osmosis has a new interview with the Creator and Editor-in-Chief of WikEM, as part their Leaders in Medical Education series.  Read some of the history behind how WikEM started.

“If anything should be free and open in this world, then certainly the knowledge to care for your fellow human during an emergency has to be on the top of that list.”  -Ross Donaldson, MD, MPH

Over the last six years, we have gone from having just a few people accessing the site per day to tens of thousands of sessions per month with over 100,000 downloads of the app to date.  WikEM is now the most popular emergency medicine-specific application in the world and is open to all medical providers (including medical students) across the globe to help edit, as a key open access resource.  We can now take that life-saving… Read more

IRS recognizes WikEM organization as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity

We’re pleased to announce that after a thorough review of our finances, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has recently recognized the OpenEM Foundation, the overarching organization supporting WikEM, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity.

Please donate now and help make open access to medical knowledge possible for all!

If there are any universals in this world, then chief among them is an innate human desire to care for our fellow beings when in suffering and extremis. Our goal is to make sure the knowledge to perform that important task is freely available to all. Thank you for your generous support.

—The WikEM Team
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The Wiki: A Key Social Media Tool

Correspondence in Annals of Emergency Medicine about WikEM’s important place in social media:

Blogs, podcasts, videocasts, social networks, and custom search engines are all important resources for stimulating research discussion and improving medical education. However, as acknowledged by Thoma et al, “to make effective use of this stream of knowledge, learners must filter and choose from myriad resources.”2 We suggest that the wiki is a key social media tool to organize and summarize this growing body of online information. It also has the added benefit of providing easy access to consensus information in the middle of a shift, allowing clinicians to provide better care while at the bedside.

doi:10.1016/j.annemergmed.2014.12.017Read more

Get credit for resident reading electives and asynchronous learning activities, while supporting open access medicine!

Are you a resident who would like to get credit for time spent editing WikEM or a faculty member looking for a free and easy way to document reading elective and/or asynchronous learning activities?  Support open access medicine!  Use the WikEM elective and asynchronous learning platform, supported by the non-profit OpenEM Foundation.
Contributions to WikEM benefit medical practitioners around the globe, while being immediately available to the contributor, their fellow residents, and their residency program via the WikEM website and its native mobile applications.
Many EM residency programs offer reading electives and/or asynchronous learning  (i.e. “individualized interactive instruction”). However, these activities can be difficult to monitor, leading to numerous problems
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