2013-14 WikEM Awards!

We are happy to announce WikEM’s first annual appreciation awards for the 2013-2014 academic year!  We are truly grateful for all of the clinicians who donate their time to making WikEM the best bedside emergency medicine resource, which allows us to make this life-saving information readily available to the medical community regardless of location.

And the awards go to…

Outstanding Editor Award

Ross Donaldson
Daniel Ostermayer
Marissa Camilon
Joe Lex
Manuel Celedon
Manpreet Singh
Jonathan Osgood
Allen Bookatz
Joel Clinton Miller
Silas Chiu

Outstanding Contributor Award

Bobak Zonnoor
Matthew Hankerson
James Cunningham
Alex Linker
Peter Morris
Jordan Swartz
Hamid Nazir
Matthew Davey
Abdalmohsen Ababtain
Ashley Bean

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